Top Wineries to Visit While in Italy

If there’s one thing Italy is known for its their wines. Well let’s be honest Italy is known for a lot of great culinary things, the great pizza, the amazing pasta, the delicious cheese on top of it all. But what is the one thing that you can pair with all that great Italian food. A sure Italian wine of course. If you are planning a trip to Italy soon you must take a moment to visit the wine regions in the north. You will not be disappointed when you try the delicious Italian wines and see how they are made in the true old style. Here are a few of our top wineries to visit in Italy for some of the best wines of the region.

Barolo Wine Region

The area of Barolo is made of several small towns, the most notable of the towns are Piemonte, Barbera, and Barbaresco. These towns are known the world around for the deep history of producing some of the country’s best wines. The weather and conditions of the soil in this area make for a powerful red grape, and its proximity to France produces a wine similar in taste to a bold French red wine. These wines are not for the faint of heart. They are strong wines mixed with strong hints of herbs, tobacco, roses and other intriguing infusions. These wines are best when they are older in age, because they are a strong base. Once they are between 10-12 years old they are at their peak time for drinking. If this sounds like your kind of wine, then you simply must visit one of these towns while in Italy and try the bold red wines of the region.

Venetian Wine Region

If you are traveling to various parts of Italy you are more than likely already planning a trip to Venice, and when we think of Venice we think of small channels and gondola rides. What we often forget is that this region is also known for producing one of the world’s most popular types of wine, the Pinot Grigio. There are a few other types of wine that are procured in this region as well, but I think it’s easy to say that the Pinot Grigio is the most popular of them all. A winery to try in the area is the Russiz Winery, here they make serval types of wine, but their best is the 2009 Pinot Grigio. What they can produce with the Grigio grape is truly amazing and you will not be disappointed! The wines here are young and typically fruity making them easy to drink and are most enjoyable on a hot summers day. They infuse them with hints of berries or melon to enhance the natural sweetness of the grape.

There are so many wine regions and wineries in Italy we simple could not mention them all, if you are able to make it to one of these two regions however, we know that you will not be disappointed, and you will get a good idea of the Italian wine regions and what they have to offer.