Top Spots In Italy For The Foodie

Italy is known as one of the world capitals of food. The popularity of the Italian food is so big that you can find a restaurant that serves traditional Italian food almost everywhere in the world. The cuisine here managed to expand all over the world and gave us some of the best dishes like pasta or cannelloni and of course parmesan cheese! The food tradition and culture in Italy is very big and there are many places yet to be discovered by your inner foodie. Italy is full of good restaurants and therefore it may prove challenging at first to choose the right place for a gastronomy vacation. We have selected some of the best places in Italy for the foodie in order to make your stay here even more beautiful.


Piedmont is known as the world capital of slow food movement. The region is in Northern Italy and has amazing vineyards. The area is full of amazing restaurants and dinners but perhaps the best place to go is the countryside. This way you will be able to truly enjoy the authenticity of this region. There are also huge forests of hazelnut trees that produce the base ingredient in the notorious Nutella. You will also find many farmers that are willing to take you in for a day or even more for a very cheap price. This is the best way to see how the authentic Italian food is made.


Tuscany is known as one of the hottest areas in Italy. The summer food here is very light but still incredibly delicious. Here you will find at every corner street the famous Tuscany cheese. Serve it with some traditional salami and truffles and you will get the traditional feel. The region is also known for giving us some of the most wonderful wines in the whole world. Here you will feel how time seems to slow down to help you enjoy your amazing meal.


Sicily is situated in the extreme South of Italy. The region appeared in many gangster movies but now the situation is very calm. Many of the dishes here have the amazing pesto sauce in them and it is a very good visiting choice if you like good wines and very hot weather. The region is one of the largest producers of wine in Europe and you will find some unique tastes.


Calabria is a small region located in the seaside near Sicily. It is one of the most amazing landscapes in Italy and the food is also delicious. The main theme in the local gastronomy is the fish. You will find all sorts of fish dishes and fish paste and it is a very good way to explore the Italian cuisine in a different way from the traditional pasta and pizza. They are also being served here and you will find some very unique recipes. The region is known for very fresh and reinvigorating dishes that you must try.