The Story Behind Pasta

Let’s be honest for a second: who doesn’t love pasta? This God-given plate is one of the most versatile things you could find when it comes to creating your own recipe, and it’s definitely come a long way throughout the course of history.

Over the years, legends, myths, and theories have surrounded the origins of this delicious meal. While some point  to Marco Polo as the first to ever bring it to this side of the world when he was traveling from China to Italy in 1271, others believe it goes way back.

The True Pasta Makers

According to some reports, pasta comes from the earliest Etruscan civilizations. They crushed different cereals and grains and mixed it with water, and then boiled it, just like people still do nowadays. When the Greek first founded Naples, they also discovered a delicious meal native people were fond of, which consisted of some kind of pasta that was sun-dried before being cook, which they called “Makaria”.

Pasta Makers

Moreover, there were also different reports pointing towards different kinds of pasta from ancient Rome, with the “Laganum” as the main representative and perhaps the closest predecessor of modern lasagna.As for the word “Macaroni”, several ancient Roman writers were the first to ever use it. According to Platina, a former Vatican librarian, claimed back in the 7th century that the delicious macaroni and cheese recipe was first invented in Geneva and Naples and it’s people used to eat it every day.

Thus, fresh pasta was frequently used and lauded in Italy way before Marco Polo made it back from his trips.  As centuries went by, pasta continued to be a main part of the Italian cuisine, even though it wasn’t always called the same.Back in 1400, people used the word lasagna to talk about pasta, and, therefore, pasta makers were “lasagnare”. Then in 1800, the name was changed to “Vermicellai”. Also, the “Fidellai” created the “Fidelli”, which were pasta strings with Cylindric-like shape. However, it wouldn’t be until the 17th century when the first pasta machines were actually created in Naples, and that’s when it finally massively produced and sold throughout the entire country.

The Dawn of The Pasta Industry

In 1740 in Venice, Paolo Adami got the first license to build a pasta factory, paving the way for the market to grow up to the point you see it today, exporting this delicious product across the world. Fast forward to 1878 when the Marseillais Purifier was invented to perfect the art of making pasta. But it wasn’t until 1914 until the pasta was artificially dried and, therefore, it opened up the door for all of the cities in Italy to start developing their very own kind of pasta and the industry reached its pinnacle.

People started using tomato, oil and all kinds of herbs to spice it up and give it their own touch and recipes. The art of Italian cuisine was never the same, and, up to this day, it never ceases to amaze and probably never will. Thank god for pasta!