The Most Common Myths of Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine holds a lot of secrets and thousands of incredibly delicious recipes, and that’s one of the main reasons why is one of the most popular gastronomies in the world, with people all across the globe going nuts for pasta, pizza, and tomato sauce.

Italians are incredibly proud of their gastronomy, and, by all means, they should be. There’s nothing like going out to a nice Italian restaurant and enjoying a meal with your family and friends, and significant other.Nonetheless, the massive Italian migration made hundreds of thousands of people leave their homeland to find a better future elsewhere, bringing a lot of myths and stories about the way their food was supposed to be cooked, while American culture has also played a major part in the way we think this is meant to be done. Even so, throughout the course of history, those stories have been passed from one generation to the other, but, luckily for you, we’re here to bust some of the most common myths of Italian cuisine right now:

Carbonara Sauce

Did you know the carbonara doesn’t actually need bacon or cream? As a matter of fact, this one’s one of the most common mistakes people make when cooking this delicious sauce, mostly because of a misunderstanding of the original recipe. The Carbonara was created in Rome and you should only use eggs, pecorino cheese,n guanciale, and black pepper, and the only reason why people use bacon to prepare it is that it was easier for Americans to make it popular that way.

Bolognese Sauce

Just like carbonara, the bolognese sauce we eat nowadays is nothing near the way it was supposed to be. While we used ground beef and fried tomato, the original recipe features beef cut by hand, milk, wine.Also, this sauce was prepared in the oven for over three hours and was called ragu. This is nothing like the one we eat nowadays with our spaghetti, as it should only be eaten with macaroni or gnocchi. Shame on us!


Yes, Italian loves cheese, especially parmigiano, and pecorino (and who doesn’t?). Pizza, risotto, sauce, and pasta are usually stuffed with huge piles of cheese, which led to the idea that it always has to be like that.


As a matter of fact, cheese isn’t mean to be used in every single original Italian recipe, as it could actually ruin it. If a true Italian sees you throwing cheese at a Frutti di mare pasta, he won’t talk to you ever again. #

Salt and Water

There’s a huge myth around boiling pasta that makes people think they should use oil and herbs when cooking it. That’s actually a huge mistake, as pasta should be eaten right when it’s done, so there’s absolutely no need for oil.Also, this ingredient could prevent pasta from getting the true taste of the sauce you’ll be eating it with. You just need to use a big pot, add some water, salt, and you’re set to go. Also, it’s healthier this way.