The Best Toppings for Your Pizza

It is an issue that has for a long time set tongues wagging. Families fight endlessly over it, and yet there seems not be an end to the matter. We can perhaps blame it on individual preferences. But what’s the best pizza topping? In this article, we will explore some of the best pizza toppings available to us.


Perfectly cooked mushrooms are a favourite pizza topping for most people, more so when their pizza is cooked with garlic and butter, with red onions as an accompaniment. It’s a mouth-watering combo and one to die for.


Pineapples add a sweet and watery taste to your pizza and leave you with a sour taste in your mouth that leaves you craving for more. Pineapple toppings are one of the best toppings you can have with your pizza.


Prosciutto is cured meat that adds a salty taste to pizza, but never too salty to take away the flavour of the pizza. Prosciutto can be paired with some other delicacies such as spiced honey. Whatever way you choose to have it, we guarantee that it will be one of the best toppings to add to your pizza.

Barbecue Chicken

Barbecue chicken will interest meat lovers. Barbecue chicken is a yummy topping to have on your pizza as it adds a salty taste on the cheese as well. Additionally, you get to have your meat alongside your pizza.


Of all the vegetable toppings you can have with your pizza, onions are up there with the best. The sugary taste of the cooked onions is similar to caramel. Their sweet salty taste they give you a zing that you cannot get from any other vegetable topping.


Olives are among the most distinct toppings available. Olives lighten up the taste of your pizza that and guarantee you savour every bite. Natural olives are preferred over their canned counterparts because they add incredible flavour to your pizza.


Pepperoni pizza is one to die for. Imagine that cured beef and pork, accompanied by paprika seasoning. The resulting mouth-watering lingers on your mind long after you’ve had your fill. The chili paired with the salty meat brings out the best from the pizza. A pepperoni topping to a pizza is just one of the best crowning you can putt to it.


Tomatoes add a watery sort of look to pizza, making it appear as a mushy red paste at the top. It is best to have them sun-dried first, to reduce the amount of moisture on the pizza and also to give it a different taste from the regular tomatoes.


Bacon is a favourite among many because of its crunchy and smoky taste. Anyway, who wouldn’t love well-smoked bacon on pizza? Bacon adds a meaty zest to the cheese on the pizza, delivering a whole new experience to one of the most loved delicacies. Apparently, there are tons of toppings you can add to pizza, and it’s practically impossible to list all of them, however, the listed toppings the most popular.