The Best Italian Restaurants in The United States

Here are some of the best Italian restaurants in the United States. There are so many to choose from, and perhaps you already have a favourite, if not check out one of these great ones and let us know what you think!

Acquerello – San Francisco, CA

Located in a former chapel, this Italian restaurant offers a classic intimate setting to enjoy great Italian dishes. They have successfully mastered the art of providing guests with a modern interpretation of favourite Italian cuisines making them one of the best restaurants in the United States. From prix-fixe menus to seasonal tasting menus, Acquerello has something to satisfy your taste. Their savoury signature dishes such as ridged pasta with black truffle, foie gras, and Marsala sauce Or a Parmesan and amuse-bouches with truffle, Italian cheeses can keep you wanting more. It doesn’t end with main dishes. Enjoy desserts like coconut panna cotta with the yolk of passion fruit, chocolate, and slowly-cooked pineapple. Also on the shelf are great Italian wines several premium California wines. You can choose to dine privately in the Wine Room or Gold Room.

Vetri Cucina – Philadelphia, PA

For over two decades Altura has offered guest outstanding country-style dining with handcrafted pasta, flavourful classic Italian based cuisines as well as other culinary additions. The creativity of Chef Vetri is seen in his multi-course tasting menu prepared using the best quality locally sourced, specialty, and seasonal ingredients. How about being welcomed with snacks and a cocktail, maybe a glass of prosecco or a seasonal spritz; after which you can order customised meals for each person at the table. Enjoy sweet onion crepe with white truffle fondue and parmesan followed by Swiss chard gnocchi with brown butter and ricotta salata, and for dessert, pistachio flan with chocolate gelato and milk. They also offer private dining with a dedicated kitchen and service team. The only dining offered is the Vetri Cucina tasting menu at $155 per guest.

Altura – Seattle, WA

Altura provides guest with a great variety of culinary options. With creative combinations of traditional and Italian based cuisines and wines, this Italian restaurant takes guests on a culinary trip. Chef Nathan serves several courses along like sea urchin cannoli with parsley root and pine. A meal might progress with pumpkin seed praline followed by coho salmon roe, cauliflower and fermented potatoes with melted leeks and wild watercress and apple mostarda with hazelnut and honey. They offer an only tasting menu at $137 per guest.

Portofino – Las Vegas, NV

Located at The Mirage, a visit to Portofino adds an Italian touch to the Vegas experience. It features a wine lounge and a wine bar showcasing a various mix of Italian and other great wines. Head to the to have some Italian cuisines from chef Michael. From appetizers like fried squash blossom with goat cheese and san tomatoes to lobster with chanterelle mushrooms and roasted corn butter, Portofino is one of the best Italian restaurants in America. Gluten-free menus and vegetarian menus are available too.