Italian Recipes Of Various Region In Italy

Italian dishes are so diverse that it is difficult to wrap your hands around all of them. This is because the country is rich in agriculture and cultivates a lot of foods in its different region. Every region has a distinct predominant food crop hence the difference in dishes across all the regions in Italy. Apart from pasta and tomato sauce, which is a common meal across Italy, it is difficult to find the same cuisine in two different regions. So let’s take a look at some of the dishes you will find in the different regions of Italy.

Food – Cheese Fondue Of Northern Italy

Cuisines in northern Italy are known to combine recipes from other parts of Europe like France, Switzerland, and Austria. However, the cuisine from this region is the most popular across Italy and world at large. Their meals do not have pasta as the main ingredient, just soups, sausages, and meat. One of the most popular recipes from this region is the Aosta Valley’s Fondue ( cheese food ) made from pure cheese found in the Aosta region.

Food – Muscle With Saffron-Abruzzo Of Central Italy

This region has some of the famous cities in Italy (Rome, Siena, and Florence) but largely depends on recipes from other regions for most of its cuisines. The local cuisines food here is the most unknown across Italy. A good example is the  Abruzzo’s cuisine made with the saffron and chili pepper. You will also find recipes like the Cozze Alla zafferano and the Maccheroni alla chitarra al ragu d’ Agnello. These dishes have their major ingredients as different kinds of pasta, tomato sauce, and well-spiced lamb.

Food – Panzerotto Fried Calzone Of Southern Italy

This region is Italy’s highest export of cuisines, some the best Italian dishes you find in Porshe restaurants and chop boxes come from this region. Pizza and pasta are two major ingredients for cuisine food in this region, other ingredients such as garlic, basil, tomatoes, and olive oil are also very important to recipes of southern Italy. A good example of good food from this region is the Apulian cuisine. The Apulian cuisine is predominantly fish, vegetables, and olive oil.  The Panzerotto is made with bread and filled with tomato, onion, cheese (pecorino) and olive oil. This tasty meal has a mini version known as Calzuncieddi.

Food – Porceddu Pork-Sardinia Of Insular Italy

The islands of Italy have unique and different cuisines from another region because of its location and influences. One very popular food in this region is the Sardinian cuisines. This cuisine is from the local products obtained from land despite the fact the Mediterranean sea surrounds the region. The region is known for pastoral farming, and this has helped shape their business. For example, the Porceddu is one major food in this region with pork as the major ingredients,  Pork is roasted and richly flavored with rosemary and myrtle. Another rich cuisine that is popular here is the Malloreddus; this food has pasta as the main ingredient in tomato sauce, sausages, onion, pecorino cheese, and saffron.