Italian Cheese

In ancient times, the Roman developed the art if making cheese from the skills they had earlier learnt. Having understood that diverse treatment and cure had flavored their cheese, they developed an aging process, making cheese processing of more  complex flavors. The Caseale, which is also known as the Cheese Kitchen was invented by the Romans, as a place to carry out their expertise on cheese making (a home). It is also worthy and important to know that cheese smoking process also began from ancient Romans and spread across Europe. Although many countries had since then contributed to the cheese world in various ways, but the most important and unique recipes are exclusively Italian. Below are some examples or types of various Italian Cheese. www.grand voyage Italy.com

Alta Badia

Alta Badia Named after a Valley in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy the Alta Badia Valley, this cheese is made with very fresh cow’s milk that has been pasteurized, selected from special farms. It has a closed texture consistency after it had undergone an aging process of 180days. It also has a light rind, filled with flavor and aroma in addition to its colored centre. It can be melted or eaten in form of table cheese.

Asiago Pressato

This is once cheese that comprises of a mild texture, light interior and sweet Asiago. It is produced in the Pro Valley, very close to Treviso. Its authenticity is protected by the Italian DOC(Denominiazione di Origine Controllata). It is made from cow’s milk that is pasteurized for about 20-40days.

Asiago d’Allero

At the foot of the Dolomite mountains in Northwest Venice, this cheese is been handmade by cheese makers. This unique cheese is made purely from unpasteurized cow’s milk and has a light beige color with small peppered holes. It undergoes an aging process for about five months, which resulted into a fruity bite and aromatic. This cheese requires no modern technology in its production.

Basilio (Pecorino all Basilico)

Basilio cheese


One of the characteristics of this cheese is the amazing Pesto flavor, in addition to the fact that it is produced from unpasteurized sheep’s milk. It is created by the Tuscan Organization ‘ II Forteto in Mugello’ just outside Florence. Its rind is rubbed with extra virgin olive oil and Basil.

Asiago d’Allevo Pro del Tempo

When you talk of a special reserved cheese, and you talk about this cheese, then you are definitely jot wrong! This cheese undergoes an aging process for a whole year and it is flavored with butterscotch accent and very sharp. It is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and has a very firm texture.

Baita Friuli

This delicious cheese that is firm in texture and made from unpasteurized cow’s milk is made in the Friuli Venezia region of Giulia in Northern Italy. It goes through an aging process of five months, with its moisture been absorbed while under the ash. It is one cheese with a low acidity and increased sweet taste.

Caciotta Dei Boschi

The cheese which is popularly known for its black truffle shavings and Roman sheep’s milk is produced in the Roman countryside by Lopez Company. It is a sharp and tangy cheese that has an aromatic scent and was further developed by bits of Porcini Mushrooms. www.serious seats.com