Facts You Should Know About Italian Cuisine

Italian food is one of the best known, imitated and loved in the world. Its flavors and textures take you to a state of ecstasy difficult to ignore, it does not matter if it is in its sweet or salty presentations; or if we talk about the famous pizza, now a world heritage. For you to know it better: Here we leave you with these curious facts about Italian food!

There are more than 600 varieties of pasta, from various sizes of spaghetti to stuffed ravioli, penne or tubes, flat fettuccine long noodles and curly spirali, there is a form of pasta for every taste, you just have to decide your favorite and with what you go to accompany her.

Marco Who?

Many people believe that it was Marco Polo who brought pasta from his trips to China in the thirteenth century. But, in fact, there is evidence that Italians were eating pasta a century before the merchant traveled to the Far East, so, there! you, Marco Polo fans.

In Italy, pasta is eaten with a fork, never with a spoon. Italians eat a stunning amount of 25.3 kg of pasta per person per year, according to an investigation by the International Pasta Organization (IPO).

The history of pizza goes back to the ancient Greek, Roman and Persian empires. Actually, pizza as we know it today evolved in the eighteenth century when tomatoes were introduced to southern Italy.

But it wasn’t until Queen Margarita try it and ordered to prepare different types, that it was considered to be food only eaten by poor people. We owe her the famous Margherita pizza, which stands out for its simplicity and the colors of Italy: mozzarella white, tomato red and basil green.

By the way, If you travel to Italy and ask for a pepperoni pizza, know that what you’re asking is actually red peppers (peppers, with no ‘oni’). If you want to bring the spicy sausage into your pizza mix, you have to ask for spicy salami (salame picante).

Bread must not be put upside down! Italy is a country with a lot of superstitions! There is never a lack of wine and bread on the table, but Italians believe that the latter should not be turned upside down as it brings bad luck to the house in which it is being eaten.

American Inventions

North American people have popularized many dishes that have passed for regional from other parts of the world and then, when you ask for them in their supposed place of origin, they look at you with a crazy expression upon their faces.

The ‘famous’ Salsa Alfredo that is put in the fetuccini was invented by the chef Alfredo di Lelio in 1970, of Italian origin but in a restaurant in New York. And the same with the Caesar salad, so no, lettuce and chicken don’t make it a ‘typical’ Italian dish.

In Italy they are good coffee lovers. You can delight yourself with a thousand different varieties; the famous cappuccino or a caffè latte, caffè come, with panna, but curiously, after eating they only drink coffee alone, or an espresso caffè.