Delicious Italian Pastries to Try

Most people know that Italian food and dishes are absolutely delicious, and this includes their pastries. While many people think of pizza and pasta when they think of Italy, they often overlook the many delicious pastries that this country has to offer. Next time you are looking for an Italian treat, try one of these delicious pastries – you won’t be disappointed.


One pastry that many people may have already heard of is the cannoli. This delicious delicacy consists of a tube-shaped shell made of pastry dough that surrounds some type of filling which is usually made of sweet ricotta. This pastry was originally created in the Sicilian region of Italy.


Torrone is another yummy dish to try. This dish is made using egg whites that are whipped, then honey, hazelnuts and almonds in with the egg whites are added to make a nougat that is really tasty. You can eat this alone or sometimes you will see it incorporated into other desserts.


If doughnuts are your delight, then you should try fritelles. They are yummy doughnuts that you can find during Carnevale season in Venice, Italy. They are essentially made by rolling batter in sugar. The fritella is the well-known Venetian doughnut that can come in various forms, including having no filling or containing raisins and pine nuts mixed into the dough during the baking.


If you would prefer a biscuit, then the amaretti is what you should definitely try. These are small biscuits that are made of flour that is itself made from grinding up bitter almonds. They are then backed with egg white and sugar to provide a tasty treat. Amaretti are also known as the Italian almond macaroon that has a nice blend of a crispy outside with a chewier inside. This is a very nice biscuit treat to have as a dessert.


For a delectable sponge cake, you may want to try the cassata. Originally developed in Sicily, this cake is filled with ricotta cream and covered in liqueur and fruit juices and then surrounded by a marzipan shell to make a delicious dish. The traditional shape of the cake is round, but today different shapes are found including box shape. Sometimes an Italian ice cream (gelato) is placed inside instead of the ricotta, making it an ice cream cake.


Another type of Italian cake is the babà which is made from a batter of milk, butter and eggs that is then soaked in a syrup that often contains rum. It can be filled with pastry cream. This one seems simple, but it is rich and sweet and just the perfect addition to an espresso

Zabaglione and Tiramisu

Zabaglione is a cream made of liquor such as cognac or rum mixed with egg yolks and sugar. Another delicious treat is the tiramisu, which is made of ladyfingers that have been dipped in coffee. There are also layers of custard added in and then the dessert is finished off with cocoa powder. These pastries are all delicious and would make nice dessert treats.