The Best Italian Restaurants in The United States

Here are some of the best Italian restaurants in the United States. There are so many to choose from, and perhaps you already have a favourite, if not check out one of these great ones and let us know what you think! Acquerello – San Francisco, CA Located in a former chapel, this Italian restaurant offers a classic intimate setting to enjoy great Italian dishes. They have successfully mastered the art of providing guests with a modern interpretation of favourite Italian cuisines making them one of the best restaurants in the United States. From prix-fixe menus to seasonal tasting menus,...

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The Best Traditional Italian Dishes

Eating is part of the fun of visiting Italy. There are several contemporary Italian dishes in restaurants, but nothing beats the traditional ones. Here are some of the best Italian dishes you should taste. Caponata – Sicily Caponata is a brilliant Sicilian blend of eggplant and other vegetables. Apart from the aubergine in this warm vegetable serving of mixed greens, the sweet and sour sauce makes it such an exceptional meal for veggie lovers. It, for the most part, contains capers, celery, onions, and whatever vegetables you choose as there is no standard formula for caponata. Some people even add...

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How to Make Spaghetti

Spaghetti is just a thin long pasta. Initially, the only difference in dried spaghetti seen in the markets was brand names, but now there are several other options to pick from. There are multigrain and whole wheat varieties offering more fibre, vegetable pasta like beet or spinach provide colourful options, rice, corn or quinoa spaghetti make possible gluten-free meals. It is a staple in the Italian diet, and a delicious one at that. This tutorial is going to show how to prepare the traditional Italian spaghetti with the delicious marinara sauce in five steps. Step One: Gather Your Ingredients and...

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